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Fused Skull Sutures

Our fellowship-trained Craniofacial Surgeon and Neurosurgeon work hand-in-hand to allow your child’s brain to grow unrestricted and to correct your child’s head shape. We use the latest and proven techniques in craniofacial surgery to allow you child to thrive. Using both endoscopic or open techniques, we are able to release the skull constriction that can affect your child’s skull growth, brain growth, and development. Our goal is to help your child function at their greatest potential!

Your child’s surgery will be done at Wesley Children’s Hospital, with fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologists supervising anesthesia, a pediatric intensive care unit staffed by fellowship-trained pediatric intensivists and a dedicated pediatric unit with pediatric nursing for recovery after surgery.

A Guide to Craniosyntosis

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Treatment Highlights

Procedure Type

Craniosynostosis Repair

Consultation Required


Procedure Length

1-2 hours for endoscopic and spring-assisted repairs, 3-4 hours for open cranial vault repairs

Recovery Time

2-5 days in the hospital


6 weeks of no ball play, rough housing while healing

What it Treats

Fused skull sutures

How it Works

The Craniosynostosis Treatment Steps

Before & After

Hear From Our Patients


This clinic is a great place. Everyone is friendly and open and caring. It is awesome to get to see everyone at once. Being from out of town, this makes the process effortless. We really appreciate everything that has been done for our family.

– Kyle

Dr. Biskup is an amazing surgeon and I am glad we chose her to be our daughter’s surgeon. It’s scary handing over your baby for surgery but I knew she was in the best of hands.

– Amy

We are so grateful to have found this facility with Dr. Biskup specializing in this area. There are so many options and I really believe we got the best for our son; from the craniofacial surgeon, to the neurosurgeon, to the hospital the surgery took place at!

– Natasha

The staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Biskup is so wonderful and did a phenomenal job with our baby’s palate and lip repair.

– Dawn

We love this place. Everyone is so kind and welcoming every time we come in.

– Nora

Wonderful clinic. Doctors did a good job explaining the process and were great with my daughter!

– Melissa

It didn’t take long to get through all the doctors and they were all kind. Nice place overall.

– Rene

Great place with great people.

– Mai

This process was streamlined extremely efficiently! Very convenient and easy to work with! Thank you!

– Anonymous

I’ve recommended them many times! We love it here!

– Anonymous

The experience is always good!

– Karina

They are very nice and helpful.

– Ray

This process was streamlined extremely efficiently! Very convenient and easy to work with!

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our daughter. She looks fantastic and we get compliments on her lip all the time.

– Sarah

The outcome is so great and so is the team!

– Anonymous

Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Kansas Cleft and Craniofacial Center, we are here for you. Take a look at some of our patient’s most frequently asked questions.

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Schedule a consultation with a craniosynostosis surgeon

If unsure whether your child is affected by a fused skull suture, a consultation with our fellowship-trained Craniofacial Surgeon can be helpful to determine if your child needs any further imaging or intervention.

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At the Kansas Cleft and Craniofacial Center, you can trust our fellowship-trained Craniofacial Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Pediatric Anesthesiologists, and the whole team to take the best, most diligent care of your child. Our goal always is to optimize your child’s outcome and well-being.

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